Home of Halloween

Home of Halloween

Terrifying tales and frightening facts from the home of Halloween

WATCH: Ireland Home of Halloween

Halloween – a time for thrills, chills and scaring ourselves silly. But did you know that everyone’s favourite fright-filled holiday began in Ireland? Trace Halloween right back to its origins and you’ll find yourself in the mists of pagan Ireland over 3,000 years ago – a time when the ancient festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-In) was celebrated in the heart of Ireland's Ancient East to mark the beginning of winter.

It’s said that at Halloween the boundary between our world and the Otherworld is at its thinnest, allowing spirits and demons to easily pass between the two. So come with us on a strange and spooky journey as we uncover the Halloween story of Ireland.


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Did you know that the practice of carving pumpkins began in Ireland?


Story Ideas

Celtic Ireland, where Halloween all began
Halloween is coming – but did you know it is Ireland we have to thank for the most popular customs
and traditions at the most unearthly time of year?

Dublin, Dracula and the Stories of the undead
The world’s most famous vampire was the creation of Dubliner Bram Stoker,
who was inspired by the city and Ireland’s tales of the undead.

Meet Ireland's Ancient Halloween Spirits 
Ireland at Halloween – watch out for all sorts of spirits that are said to
roam the island at the most spine-tingling time of year.



Story Ideas


Traditional Food for an Irish Halloween
In times past and just as much today, an Irish Halloween is a harvest festival celebrated with a feast for the family.

Ghostly goings on across the island of Ireland
Ireland isn’t short of a ghost or three, and Halloween is the perfect time for eerie encounters.

Spine-tingling festivals in the home of Halloween
As the land of ancient Celtic traditions, wailing banshees, the creator of Dracula and tricks, treats and festivals galore, the island of Ireland is a bewitching destination at Halloween time.